Log Cabin Road/Trott Lake Trail - Rochester, New York

(Rochester, New York - May 29, 2015)

One of my favorite sections of Durand Eastman Park begins at Log Cabin Road.

Here is how I get to it. Get on Log Cabin Road which starts on Lakeshore Blvd. Walk straight on Log Cabin Road for about a mile. You can drive it, but you can't go any further at a certain point. You have to get out and walk. Log Cabin Road loops around Durand Lake. Don't go that way. Just stay straight on Log Cabin Road and walk right thru the blocked off section. Keep walking and all of a sudden you are in a world with no cars, lakes, trails, and swamps.

I'm sure there are many ways to get there (Zoo Road, Pine Valley Road), but that's how I go. You end up around Trott Lake, Pat Lake, Trott Lake Trail, and Trimble Lake.

If you like exploring the outdoors, it's fantastic..

Here is a map.

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