Head Of The Genesee Regatta - Rochester, New York

(Rochester, New York - October 8, 2006)

The Head of the Genesee Invitational Regatta is locally organized and produced by Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester and in collaboration with the Rochester Business Alliance and the Genesee Waterways Center.

It was held on Sunday, October 8 on the Genesee River near the University of Rochester. Teams from all parts of the Eastern United States participated. A host of Ivy League, Big East, private, state, local clubs, and high school squads were there. Entertainment was provided throughout the day.

Thirty seven years ago I was at a regatta on Onondaga Lake near Syracuse. Needless to say, I'm not a regatta expert.

Thousands of spectators lined the Genesee on a picture-perfect Fall day. The action never stops as boats race up and down the river in a never ending battle against the clock (and each other).

Read more about regattas at The Genesee Waterways Center website.

I enjoyed myself at the event (I raced home only to watch the Bills get pounded by Chicago). Congratulations to event organizers and all participants.

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